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Tile Installation

Tiles are pretty common in properties in Vancouver. And why not? They are not only stylish and creative but also easy to maintain and long-lasting. It’s not really surprising that most people like to have tiles installed in their house.

But here’s the thing. Tile installation, if not done properly, can be a nuisance. Would you like it if your flooring creaks every time you walk on it? Or if you can see the grout between the tiles within a short span? Of course not! However, if the tiles are not installed by

competent professionals, you will have to encounter such issues. We are here to ensure that tile installation is completed with a breeze.

Yes, AAG Services Construction offer the people of Vancouver and Coquitlam a chance to transform their house interiors with tiles. Whether you are renovating your house or have purchased a new one, we can take care of installation easily. Simply give us a call and rest easy. We will handle the rest.

Our team has worked on many similar projects. Hence we have worked on a variety of styles. We can provide you with the best installation services you need to give your dream house the desired look.

Want to know the best part of working with us? We can work with all types of tiles. Yes, the size, material, and shape don’t matter to us. And if you are confused about what kind of tiles would be best suited for your house, don’t worry! Our professionals will be happy to guide you on the same.

Not only that, we will ensure that the tiles are installed correctly. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your routine being disrupted as we work. What more could you want?

Our team has access to all the tools, equipment, and materials needed to provide you with the best results. Yes, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure that quality remains consistent and we yield results that match your vision.

Some tasks are best left to professionals. And tile installation is one of them. Let everything from removal of old tiles to grouting and sealing be handled by professionals.

People in Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver know what to do. If you want expert tile installation, we are just a call away. Reach out to us to ensure that quality is maintained at every step!

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